Q. How long are the videos?
A. Videos will usually be around 10 minutes long. Certain topics that deserve more attention might be longer, or broken into segments.

Q. How often will new videos come out?
A. New videos will be released roughly every 2 weeks, depending on length and subject matter.

Q. Can I download these videos to view offline later? 
A. As a subscriber, you may download a personal copy of recently posted videos. Video files are available for download for 30 days after they are posted.

Q. Can I download older videos?
A. No. In an effort to prevent someone from subscribing, downloading all videos, then cancelling their membership, we only offer file downloads for 30 days from when videos are posted. Note: Current subscribers can stream all archived videos.

Q. Do I have to be a DTI student to purchase a subscription?
A. No. Although subscribers are not required to have attended a DTI training course, this video series is intended for DTI alumni. This series of video training is supplemental; these videos do not replace range instruction. You might find John or Vicki referring to classroom topics or range drills that you are less familiar with if you have not attended a DTI training course.

Q. Why do I have to provide CCW/LE/Military credentials in my application? Can I still apply for a subscription without these?
A. Yes. These credentials help us know who you are. We ask these (and other) questions during your application process in order to maintain a somewhat exclusive membership. Instant access is granted on “good faith” upon receipt of your application and payment. After that, your application will be reviewed; if we have questions, we’ll contact you.

Q. Do I have to be a U.S. Citizen in order to subscribe?
A. No. Although there are laws which regulate which types of training can be provided outside of the U.S., the videos in this series are editorial in nature, and do not represent formal firearms training. Still, we’re picky about who gets access, and we may restrict access to certain countries at our own discretion. Contact us with questions:

Q. I paid for an Annual Membership. How do I claim my $35 credit toward a DTI Training Course?
A. When you register for your next DTI Training Course, just mention this credit to whomever is taking your deposit. We’ll verify your subscription.

Q. Can I cancel my subscription?
A. Yes. You may cancel at any time. Just send us an email and we’ll take care of it right away. Because subscribers have instant access to downloadable files, there are no refunds.

Q. I’m a firearms instructor. Can I show these videos to my students during class?
A. Yes, you may show content from this video series to your students during class. We ask that you abide by the following guidelines:

• Videos must be shown during classroom lecture; video files must NOT be distributed to students, fellow instructors, or other persons.
• Your personal login and password to DTIOPERATOR.COM must not be distributed to students, fellow instructors, or other persons.
• You give credit to John and/or Vicki Farnam and direct them to:

DTIWOMEN.COM – Vicki Farnam’s website, intended for female shooters and their instructors

Q. If I’m a paid subscriber, can I share restricted content/videos with my family members?
A. Certainly, and we encourage it! We ask that you make arrangements to show these videos in your home, and that you do not distribute downloaded video files or login credentials.

Since these videos are intended for DTI students and other experienced operators, we believe the subject matter of these videos will invite discussion and dialogue among your friends and loved ones; we suggest that you need to be there to offer instruction, fill in the gaps, and explain some of the nuances of our craft to the uninitiated.

Q. What about sharing free videos/content?
A. Please share it all! Those are topics that we think everyone should have exposure to. You’ll find links to share individual videos via email and popular social media apps on the Free Videos page.

You are welcome to embed these videos on other forums, blogs, etc.

We do insist, however, that you limit your online sharing to embedding these links. Do not use software to “rip” or copy the videos, nor edit/alter/upload separate versions of them in any way.

Q. Why can’t I find “DTI Operator Series” on my credit card statement?
A. Subscriptions are managed by our partners at Check Six Defense LLC. All credit cards are processed via

Q. What if I’m having trouble logging?
A. Please refer to our Support page.

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